1. Administrative Officer

  • Overall charge of the subjects under the administration wing
  • Coordinating activities of the other units on matter of general nature
  • Administrative Officer is the Vigilance Officer of the Corporation
  • Any work not covered in the allocation of task in Administrative Department

2. Finance Manager`

  • Overall charge of all works in the Accounts Department
  • Inspection, verification, surprise checks and maintaining of accounts of all DPCs/stalls
  • Provide all documents of accounts to auditors to conduct audit
  • He will be in charge of all official case related to accounts in HO and DPCs. He will furnish the final P&L statements to the MD on 10th of every succeeding month.

3. Regional Manager (Projects)

  • Preparation of projects, execution and evaluation
  • Technical help in the implementation of beekeeping programme and processing of files on beekeeping
  • Conduct of exhibition and melas
  • Supply of seeds, saplings, planting materials etc.
  • Follow up action regarding financial assistance from Government and other agencies for projects
  • Purchase of infrastructure
  • Starting of new DPCs and related matter
  • Preparation of annual action plan on operational activities
  • Litigation/dispute on business activities
  • Complaints of or against licensees
  • Management of assets of the Corporation with the licensees, Haritha stall/bunks and supermarkets
  • Maintenance and upkeep of own stalls and bunks

4. Technical Officer (Administration)

  • Subjects related to establishment matters in administration
  • Keeping managing assets of the Corporation
  • Non-liability certificate of employees/deputationists
  • Circular and follow up staff meeting
  • Liaison matters with State Government on administration
  • Advertisement, publicity works
  • Keeping stock and store, maintenance of stock register
  • Purchase of stationery–house keeping
  • Preparation of minutes of all meetings

5. Technical Officer – (Projects)

  • Purchase of seed & seedlings
  • Purchase and distribution of Infrastructures to DPC’s (crates, weighing balance, billing machine etc.) and maintenance of records for the same
  • Implementation of beekeeping programme and processing files on beekeeping
  • Conduct of exhibitions and melas
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Files regarding dispute with licensees & complaints against licensees
  • Processing of papers on projects and beekeeping
  • Distribution of seeds and seedlings to the Krishibhavan and through own stalls
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